Talking about the Future

Talking about the Future

In this section, we’ll share our students’ compositions.

しょうらいについて *English follows Japanese.












Talking about the Future

ヴァレンティナ (Russia)

 After graduation at ARC, I’m thinking of working. I’m studying Japanese because I want to work in a Japanese firm. Of course, whenever I have time, I also want to travel the country.

 I’m so interested in Japanese culture. When I was a kid, I used to watch movies and read books about Japan. Three years ago, I visited Japan for the very first time. That trip gave me a great impression of Japan.

Once I’m in Japan, I plan to visit many different places together with my dog. Going to places like Kawaguchiko, Karuizawa, walking in the Showa Kinen Park or strolling around Tsutsujigaoka Park, in Gunma, or watching the cherry blossom along Shingashi River.

 I cannot know what my distant future will be like, but I would like to do many different jobs. I want to help people and contribute to their lives. For example, I would like to be in tourism: work as an interpreter for travelers and in the meantime show Japan to them.

I love traveling, that’s why I’m interested in doing a job related to tourism, and being able to introduce to foreign travelers the beauty of many places of interest.

 While I’m working, I will be writing novels. That’s my plan. I always think and focus on what emotions I feel in my life. I want to write about traveling with a dog, whether it is simple or not. I’m sure living in Japan will be a wonderful experience.

 In order to work in Japan, I’m doing my best to study the language now. I want to become more and more fluent in speaking the language, and I’ll continue to try my hardest. And also, I want to make Japanese friends!