1. Communication skills training

Since its opening in 1986, the school promotes Japanese language education focalized on the acquisition of communication skills. Classroom activity includes different tasks to provide students with practical Japanese.

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2. Higher education preparation

ARC provides effective support for those students who plan to enter University, Graduate School or Vocational School in Japan. Assistance is offered on a 360°basis, with info-sessions and individual counseling, exam preparation courses for EJU and JLPT and the opening of the “Graduate School Preparation Class”. Brilliant students can also benefit of a recommendation letter system for designated schools.

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3. Employment support

Thanks to our dedicated support, ranging from collecting information, exam preparation, seminars, individual counseling and so on, many of our students access higher education or enter the workforce in Japan every year.

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4. Scholarships

Students can apply for different types of scholarships: “Program for International Students admission promotion”, the “LHS Asia Scholarship” and ARC own scholarship.

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5. Fully equipped school

The library is always open to students for individual study time. WIFI network is accessible in the whole building.

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6. Multiculturalism

Students from all over the world study in our school. On average, they come from over 30 different countries. Widen your horizons studying with classmates of different backgrounds.

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7. Extra activities and events

Out-of-classroom learning, Sports Day, Speech Contest… Every school term, ARC organizes various extra activities. Occasions to meet locals are especially abundant: visiting neighboring schools, joining local festivals and more. The rich extra activity program will surely add value to your Study Abroad experience.

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8. Safe accommodation

ARC can introduce you to reliable student dormitories and guesthouses.

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9. Kind staff

School staff is always ready to encourage you with a smile and back you up during your Study Abroad experience. Staff speaks fluent English, Chinese, Italian and more. Individual counseling is scheduled every school term, but students are welcome to consult with school staff anytime.

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