The program for students from the intermediate level upwards enrolled in the Standard Study Abroad Course or the Intensive Japanese Course includes three optional classes a week, of 90 minutes each. Students can choose which classes to attend based on their needs or interests, like integrating the regular courses with exam preparation classes or tips on job hunting.


  1. “Japanese affairs”, “Reading comprehension”, “Listening comprehension”: students can choose one optional class per type.
  2. The offer also includes classes to enhance reading and listening skills for EJU and JLPT.
  3. The range also covers preparation for admission into higher education and employment.
  4. Students deepen their understanding of Japanese culture though active learning.

*There are NO optional classes for beginners and elementary levels.



October term sample

This is the time of the year characterized by the succession of admission exams and EJU and JLPT 2nd session. Class offer is organized accordingly:

■Tuesday (Listening comprehension)

  • EJU Listening comprehension
  • N1 level Listening comprehension
  • N2 level Listening comprehension
  • Listening comprehension of Interviews
  • Listening comprehension of News programs

■Wednesday (Japanese Affairs)

  • Vocational schools admission exam preparation(interview)
  • University admission preparation (interview + written test)
  • Graduate School admission preparation III
  • Job hunting II
  • raditional Japanese culture II
  • Japanese history II (From Edo period)

■Thursday (Reading comprehension)

  • EJU Reading comprehension
  • Reading academic texts
  • N1 level reading comprehension
  • N2 level reading comprehension
  • Reading newspapers and magazines
  • Extensive reading


*It is not possible to attend optional classes only.
Only students enrolled at ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School have access to optional classes.

*Class offer changes every school term. More details are provided upon entrance in school.

*Due to the spread of the coronavirus infection, currently, the way of optional courses is different from usual.


Students’ voice

Every school term, to measure students’ satisfaction towards optional classes and plan future programs, we conduct a dedicated survey. Students’ satisfaction levels score, each term, above 95%, with students, on the whole, happy with the class offer.

*Survey conducted on students attending school in the morning, with access to optional classes.


Students’ comments

-“Listening to the news gave me the curiosity to learn more about Japan. The questions in the tests were very interesting as well!”

-“I can read academic texts much faster now!”

-“I learned many useful expressions watching TV dramas. I am really happy I took the class.”

-“It was a very intense class and I learned a lot.”

-“The improvisation class is very useful for actual conversation too.”

-“I will never forget the visit to the primary school! It was a wonderful experience!”


PHOTO (Visiting a primary school. Cultural exchange with pupils)


PHOTO (Learning Japanese with acting. Short plays)


PHOTO (Reading picture books)