1. Having graduated from high school (completing 12 years of school education)
  2. Being healthy in body and mind, with a strong learning motivation and adequate financial capabilities



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Application process

It normally takes up to six months for the student visa to be released. If you are considering enrollment, please inquire with the school as soon as possible. The process from application to admission is as follows:

5 to 6 months before admission

Inquire us:Applicants inquire with the school about courses, vacancies and more. 


Filling in the Application form and providing other supporting documents.


Documents screening.When necessary, video interview.


Final check of the documents and Payment of application fee.


4 to 5 months before admission

ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School submits the Certificate of Eligibility application at the Japanese Immigration Bureau.


1 to 2 months before admission

The school notifies applicants upon Certificate of Eligibility issue.


The school bills registration fee and tuition fees to applicants. Payment should be settled within two weeks.


At payment confirmation, the school ships Admission Certificate and Certificate of Eligibility to the students. For those requesting it, the school arranges accommodation as well.


Applicants book an appointment and their closest Japanese Embassy or Consulate for the release of the student visa on the passport.


Students come to Japan and start their Study Abroad Experience.



Application documents

Application documents vary depending on applicant’s nationality. Contact the school for more information.

  1. Application form (sheets A, B1, B2, B3)
  2. Copy of the highest diploma attained or graduation certificate and transcripts
  3. Passport copy
  4. ID picture (4x3cm)
  5. Proof of Japanese proficiency
  6. Declaration of sponsorship (application form, sheets C1 and C2)
  7. Sponsor’s bank statement or balance certificate
  8. Proof of relationship between applicant and sponsor
  9. Sponsor’s employment certificate/Income certificate

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*Please note Japanese translation is needed for all requested documents.


About the student visa

The resident status obtainable with ARC Admission Certificate is that of student. Concerning the activities allowed to student visa holders, in principle, they are limited to school education.
Consequently, in case of withdrawal from school, regardless of its residual validity the student visa becomes invalid after a certain time.
For student visa holders, attendance rate is a very important aspect. In case of poor attendance, visa renewal might be denied and students might be expelled from school and unable to access higher education. ARC rule on attendance rate is 90%. Make sure you follow the attendance rate rule and make the best of your study abroad experience.


Resident status renewal

  • For those students planning to extend their visa, the school takes care of the process.
  • It is possible to study in a Japanese language school with the student visa for two years maximum.


Re-entry permit

  • While enrolled, it is possible to temporarily leave the country.
  • As a rule, the school allows students to leave Japan during school holidays only. Informing the school before departure is also mandatory.


Overseas offices

China Representative Office

Ms.Song QQ: 1264281404
Ms.Feng QQ: 1779225733


Spain Representative Office

Academia Japonia
carrer de Guitard, 15, Barcelona, 08014, España 
Tel: +34-93-444-4198 


South Korea Representative Office

Kaigai Kyoiku Jigyo-dan (KK)
Doosan B/D701, 1319-11 Seocho-dong, Seocho, Seoul, South Korea
TEL: +82-2-552-1010
FAX: +82-2-552-1062