Business Japanese Class is designed for students who plan to work for Japanese companies in Japan or overseas. With the expanding globalization, expectation towards international students as “highly skilled specialists” are on the rise. The number of foreign students finding employment in Japanese companies is increasing every year. According to the statistics by the Ministry of Justice, the number of overseas students who have changed their resident status from “study” to “employment” was 15657 people in 2015, marking a new record high. Many Japanese companies require their foreign employees to “understand Japanese corporate culture” and have “high-level communication skills in Japanese”. In Business Japanese Class, students can deepen the understanding towards Japanese society and Japanese companies and learn the mechanisms of Japanese job hunting and etiquette.




  • Improving Japanese communication skills to correspond to business scene during job hunting and after employment.
  • Original curriculum based on two main pillars, “comprehension of the Japanese job-hunting mechanisms” and “refinement of the Employability Skills”.
  • Task-based group classes promoting autonomous career development.
  • Teachers with rich working experience*, professional teaching and supporting skills.
    *Major city bank, Leading audio-visual equipment manufacturer, computer-related company of international capital etc.





Students’ voice

Ma Yifan (China)

Employed at a cosmetics distribution company, Sales Department


“In the Business Japanese Class, I learned all the aspects Japanese employers value when recruiting: Business Japanese, manners and appearance”

■READ Ma’s story

Nicholas (Indonesia)

Employed at a production firm (Engineer)


“The questions I used to prepare during interview simulations were asked during my actual interview.”

■READ Nicholas’ story

Annarita (Italy)

Employed at a premium hotel


“Classes on self-analysis were the most helpful”

■READ Annarita’s story


Starting time April
Duration 1 year
Class hours Monday to Friday / 9:15 – 12:30

Students who applies to all following requirements;
 1. Students who understand the contents of the class and have strong wish to find employment in Japan or work for a Japanese company abroad
 2. Students who have Bachelor Degree or Associate Degree
 3. Students who have Intermediate level Japanese skill or more. (Certificate of Japanese test score is required. Ex. JLPT, J.TEST…etc)

Selection  1. Essay Test (approximately 400 words)
 2. Interview (A Skype interview will be arranged for applicants from overseas in advance)
Capacity 20 students


720,000 JPY
*Application fee, Registration fee and textbooks are not included.

Check here for other fees and costs.


Program & Timetable


 Term Theme Main Content Job Hunting Schedule

First part



Job Hunting in Japan
  • Career Design
  • Self-Analysis
  • Company research
  • How to write a Resume, CV
  • Interview Manner
  • Business E-mail
  • Business Japanese
  • Business manner
  • Phone Conversation manner
  • Presentation
  • Discussion
  • Comprehensive Japanese(Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary)
  • Japanese Affairs
  • Intercultural understanding
  • Reading Newspaper
  • Essay
  • Kanji
  • Pronunciation
  • Speech


Registering with Employment Information Websites

Companies’ Briefing Session

Apply to Companies

↓  ↓

Job offer
to change Visa status
to start working

Second part




Employability Skills

Timetable (sample)

1st Period Pronunciation Business Japanese & Manners Pronunciation Business Japanese & Etiquette



2nd period Career design (Self Analysis)

Formal language

Individual study
3rd period Comprehensive Japanese 

Optional classesJLPT etc

Business Test Preparation Optional classes(JLPT etc Presentation
4th period


Admission procedure