1. Being over 16 years of age.
  2. Applicants must personally attend to their stay permit* for Japan.

*Temporary visitor visa, Working visa, Designated Activities visa, Dependent visa, Spouse visa…


Application process


    • Fill in relevant application form and Japanese study experience questionnaire. (Deadline: 2 weeks before courses start, the latest)
    • *If the applicant requests to enter one of the special classes, video interview and documents screening might be necessary.


    • Payment of registration fee and tuition (one week before the beginning of courses, the latest).


    • Accommodation arrangement, if needed


    • Entrance in school.

    *Applications close when maximum capacity is reached.


    Application documents

    1. Application form
    2. Japanese study experience questionnaire
    3. Copy of passport or resident card
    4. 2 sheets of ID picture (4x3cm)


  • Overseas offices

    China Representative Office

    Ms.Song QQ: 1264281404
    Ms.Feng QQ: 1779225733
    Wechat: ARC_TOKYO


    Spain Representative Office

    Academia Japonia
    carrer de Guitard, 15, Barcelona, 08014, España 
    Tel: +34-93-444-4198 


    South Korea Representative Office

    Kaigai Kyoiku Jigyo-dan (KK)
    Doosan B/D701, 1319-11 Seocho-dong, Seocho, Seoul, South Korea
    TEL: +82-2-552-1010
    FAX: +82-2-552-1062