2023 calendar will be announced in the Summer 2022.


FIRST SEMESTER (April 2022 – September 2022)

Entrance Ceremony April 6th
DURATION April 11th – September 21st

“Golden week” April 29th – May 8th

“Special weekend” June 24th – July 3rd

“Marine Day” July 18th

“O’Bon holidays” August 6th – August 14th

Autumn Holidays

PERIOD September 22nd – October 10th

SECOND SEMESTER (October 2022 – March 2023)

Entrance ceremony October 5th
DURATION October 11th – March 17th, 2023

“Culture Day” November 3rd

Winter holidays December 23rd – January 9th, 2023

*Attention: Classes will be held on the following national holidays: September 19th (“Respect-for-the-Aged Day”) and November 23rd (“Labor Thanksgiving Day”)

FIRST SEMESTER (April 2023 – September 2023)

Entrance Ceremony April 5th
Duration April 10th – September 22nd

“Golden Week”  April 29th –  May 7th

Summer Holidays June 28th – July 9th

“Marine Day” July 17th

“O’Bon holidays”  August 5th – August 13th

“Respect for the Aged Day” September 18th

Autumn Holidays

Period September 23rd – October 9th

SECOND SEMESTER (October 2023 – March 2024)

Entrance Ceremony October 4th
Duration October 10th – March 19th

“Culture Day” November 3rd

Winter holidays December  22nd – January 9th

National Foundation Day February 12th

Emperor’s Birthday February 23rd

*Attention: Classes will be held on November 23rd (“Labor Thanksgiving Day”)