I am going to be a mangaka!

I am going to be a mangaka!

In this section, we’ll share our students’ compositions.

日本でマンガ家になるゆめ *English follows Japanese.

ギヨーム リーム(フランス)


 こんにちは、ギヨーム リームともうします。今、フランスにいます。ARC東京日本語学校の学生です。















 マンガの大学に入るために、EJUとJLPT N2がひつようです。いっしょうけんめい日本語を勉強して、マンガの大学に入って、いいマンガ家になろうと思っています。




I am going to be a mangaka!

ギヨーム リーム (France)

 Hello! My name is Riem Guillaume.
 I’m a student of ARC Tokyo Japanese Language School, currently in France.

 I think I discovered Japan when I was a kid, but it’s only 3 years ago, when I became friend with a Japanese in the US, that I’ve started wanting to know more about the country.

 I’ve always been interested in manga, but it’s thanks to my friend that I started learning the language.

 I want to contribute to Japanese society. And if you want to become a mangaka, a comic artist, there’s no better place than Japan.

 Once I am in Japan, I’ll do many things: practicing sports, drawing manga, working part time etc.

 And after graduation from ARC, I am thinking of entering a university where to study manga. Because, again, I want to become a mangaka in the future.

 To do so, I need to study many things: drawing, mainly, but also Japanese society.
So, at the moment I’m studying the language to be able to understand the people and the country.

 I haven’t actually really decided what university to study at, but I’m looking into it. There are good universities both in Tokyo and Kyoto.

 I know it’s difficult for a foreigner to become a manga artist in Japan.
But that’s my dream. I will never give up.

 When I was reading manga in my childhood, I didn’t even know that those comics were from Japan. I just learned that later, and after doing more research I became more and more fascinated by Japan.

 I want to meet a mangaka in Japan, and ask him or her so many questions.

 My Japanese friend is backing up this dream of mine. “It’s a beautiful dream!”, he says.
 My mother and my older brother are also supportive, even though they don’t understand completely my choice.

 To create a manga, it’s fundamental to have a sense of the plot, and understanding how to shape characters. Many other things come in handy when you want to make manga: knowing chemistry, or how to cook, really a lot of various knowledge, and it’s why it’s so funny and interesting!

 Why do I want to become a mangaka? Because you can communicate, tell and teach things about life and the world to many people. And I also believe that through manga you can make people happy.
 Now I’m drawing and practicing as much as I can.