This is my goal

This is my goal

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私のもくひょう *English follows Japanese.








This is my goal

オレグ  (Russia)


 When I was a kid, I remember listening to the song Itsumo Nando Demo (Always with me) by Youmi Kimura. It’s a gentle and bright melody and I feel relaxed when I listen to it. I am absorbed by the beauty of Japan. I want to understand Japanese songs’ lyrics fast, so I’m learning Kanji and vocabulary. When I was a freshman in university I became more and more interested in Japanese culture. My favorite movie, Princess Mononoke, is a Japanese animation movie by Hayao Miyazaki, and in the film there are Japanese supernatural spirits represented. It’s after I saw this movie that I decided to go to Japan to study economics and culture.

 There’s this university I really want to attend. The university symbol is the ancient Roman god of commerce, Mercury. The school possesses a library collection of more than 2 million volumes. It’s good to have such a solid library in the campus, as the Japanese language related to economy can be difficult. I’m studying Japanese because I want to enter this University.

My final goal is to work for the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The TSE is really something else. Every day from 10 am to 6 pm they trade stocks. Investment bankers, agents, brokers, they all exchange stock certificates. My dream since I was 17 is to become a trader. That’s why I want to go to Japan and work at TSE.

I really like the balance there is in Japan between progress and nature. The economy and life in Japan were kind of hard in the nineties after the bubble burst; I will try to do my best to study the language and economy, and give my contribution so that such an event won’t happen twice.