Learning how to make presentations was very useful

Learning how to make presentations was very useful

Liang (Taiwan)

Q.  When did you decide to come to Japan?

In Taiwan, the most studied foreign language is English, but Japanese is next. Taiwan and Japan are neighboring countries and share part of their history and cultures. Taiwanese people love to travel to Japan and many Japanese TV shows air in Taiwan. I make no exception and like many aspects of Japan, so I decided to come here to study.


Q.  Is this your first time to Japan?

I have been to Japan many times. Before coming on the student visa, I came here about 10 times.


Q. Were you worried before coming?

No, I was not particularly worried.


Q.  How long have you been in ARC?

I have studied for four terms. That makes one year. I started form the very bottom and I will be in intermediate level when I start my fifth term.


Q.  Is there any specific subject you are happy you could study or that especially impressed you?

I surely remember classes on how to make presentations the most. From how to structure the discourse, to gathering pictures, it was quite hard for me but I made it. Also, listening to presentations from my other classmates was quite interesting. The lesson was actually useful!


Q. What are you doing outside of school time?

On weekdays, even after classes, I revise and prepare classes. Even watching television show is a good exercise for listening skills. On weekends, I like to explore the area around Tokyo.


Q.  Where do you live? How did you find your accommodation?

I now live in a dorm for students. The study abroad agency in Taiwan helped me find it.


Q. Do you think the cost of life in Japan is high?

It is more expensive than in Taiwan, but salaries are proportionated.


Q.  After you arrived in Japan, did you experience any trouble?

At the beginning, I had almost no fluency and there were many things I heard or saw of which I did not understand the meaning. Now I am able to pick up many words. I am still far from fluent, but I feel I improved a lot.


Q. What are your plans after you graduate from ARC?

I want to travel a little bit before I go back to Taiwan. There, I hope to rest for a while then continue to travel around the world.


Q. Do you have any recommendation for people who are considering the study abroad experience in Japan?

For those who are thinking to access to higher education, definitely consider studying the first two volumes of “Minna no Nihongo” before coming to Japan. This because you can study in a language school for only two years maximum. On the other hand, for those who simply want to come for the experience and learn basic Japanese, as long as they keep alive their drive to learn, they should be fine.